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Month 2: Simple, Bible Based Curriculum for 1st & 4th Grades

Watch the video for the full breakdown of how we're starting off the 2020/2021 school year with our girls- 7&9! Click HERE!


BIBLE - Heavenly Minded Homeschool Bible Curriculum HERE

Middletown Bible Study Packet HERE

Illustrated NLT Study Bible HERE

Favorite shows- What's in the Bible, Superbook, The Bible & Bible AD, The Gospel According to Matthew, Owlegories, etc...

READING - Reading through Chronicles of Narnia with THIS study book.

Also reading a McGuffy reader each day at Under The Home (the writing activity below is based on this reading).

Using ABC Mouse for our younger daughter, our older even plays some games there too!

WRITING - Completing the 4 pages in Mom Delight's 'The Lesson Book' - free on her site HERE -or- preprinted/bound HERE.

Penmanship practice with Dollar Tree printing book pages inside of sheet protectors

ARITHMETIC - Spending 20 or so minutes per day, 4X a week, playing through the levels on SplashLearn

FAMILY STUDY - Working through 1 Day per week of the Prairie Primer.

Reading through the Little House on the Prairie series. We're doing 1 chapter per week.

We complete a week of the Manners & Etiquette study I've written- this includes daily areas to work on with a simple, Biblical reason for such manners. Will be published for you all soon! 🎉

For the Parents:

Better Late Than Early (look for used options & check your library)

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