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Month 2: Simple, Bible Based Curriculum for 10th Grade

Watch the video for the full breakdown of how we're starting off the 2020/2021 school year with our son- 15, going on 16 years old! Click HERE!


BIBLE - Heavenly Minded Homeschool Bible Curriculum HERE

Middletown Bible Study Packet HERE

Illustrated NLT Study Bible HERE

Favorite shows- What's in the Bible, Superbook, The Bible & Bible AD, The Gospel According to Matthew, etc...

READING - Using the Middle Ages study from Mom Delights with the free books from Heritage History.

WRITING - Writing in the notebooking pages from the Middle Ages study.

Also using Google Docs and their voice-to-text to help in writing his historical fiction stories.

ARITHMETIC - Drilling math facts each day using Xtra Math and various math apps.

Hamilton's Essentials of Arithmetic - 1 lesson per day

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