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Month 2 Bible Curriculum is Out!

I am so very excited to share MONTH 2 of our FREE Bible curriculum with you all! It is now LIVE on our site, you can find it on the HOMESCHOOL page as shown below. (Sorry for the delay, our family would appreciate your prayers! See more HERE!)

Each month, Lord willing, for the whole 9 month school year there will be the FREE PDF file on the website. A precious friend is also formatting the file to be printed as a MINI-BOOKLET! ♥ This is like making a little travelers journal- which cool enough, is what I originally wanted all of these to be! :) From her: The pages are ordered front then back then front and back of the next page. So I *think* you would print the first page of the document then flip and print the second page. Then just stack and fold. 

I've been working with Amazon since Month 1 came out to get the book published and professionally printed. Amazon has been one issue after another, unfortunately. As soon as they get it fixed, or I find a different source that is cost effective, I will update those links!

I've shared a video with more detail about our FREE homeschool plans on our YouTube channel- be sure to subscribe for more information, vlogs, and our homeschool days! ♥

Feel free to grab a copy of the Bible Curriculum, browse through, look at the additional subjects resources on the HOMESCHOOL page, and use as fits your family.

This is a study tool to use, going through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the next four years (unless Jesus calls us to be with Him before then!) and will cover every single word in between.

Training our children up in the ways of the Lord is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can be doing. In order to do that, we need to know what His word says! I recommend that this study be used with the entire family. From the youngest to the oldest- this is something to

1, train our children to be able to sit, be still, quiet and attentive while scripture is read and then

2, to be able to pause, think, and discuss these questions together as a family.

I do not expect my 7 year old to understand what my teenager understands- but I do expect all my children to sit, listen, discuss and interact.

If you have all younger kiddos, I would first recommend you read Better Late Than Early for an overall view, but then I would recommend you spend time growing in YOUR wisdom of God's word between study and sound theological teaching through pastors. As you read together each day you will lead the discussion and questions- adjust as needed to fit your children and their levels.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch more detail on this- praying it can be a blessing to you and your family! ALL glory to God! ♥

We do not charge for the work we do- we offer it up to serve whomever the Lord will allow it to. If you feel moved to give to the ministry so that we can continue to do the work we do- you can do so HERE. We trust the Lord in ALL- He ALWAYS provides each day, what we need that day. ♥

Enjoy! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook- we'd love to see how you're enjoying the plans! @HeavenlyMindedHomeschool ♥

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