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FlyLady Control Journal Printables

I have shared all about my Biblically based & Minimalist minded take to the Fly Lady system- you can see the playlist HERE! If you haven't checked it out yet- be sure to start from the beginning and work through the steps- they work. I'm telling ya. 😎 Just go to the playlist, start at #1, and you'll be back here soon.

Today I want to share with you all the printables I made for myself & the kiddos!

I have these in our "control journals" inside of plastic sheet protectors so we can check things off with a dry erase marker each day as we go. Allowing us the freedom to work through the day, moving at whatever time the circumstances of our chaos allow, while still being able to make sure we're getting the priority items done.

You can learn all the details on the video playlist HERE & shop my must-have items in the shop HERE.

I have had many of you ask about my control journal/FlyLady printables- asking if I'll be opening an online store that you can purchase customized printables from.

The answer... is no.

BUT - I will offer up to customize my printables for YOU if you would like to, instead of purchasing a set, give a donation to support our children's home in Ogembo, Kenya! ♥

I've shared some videos on our YouTube channel, and also with our church of course, and I'd much rather be able to send more resources to the beautiful children in our missions ministry than anything else! 😊 So- if you'd like to get any of these printables for your & your kiddos customized, please email me at HeavenlyMindedHomeschool@gmail.com and we'll set that up. Donations can be made through our church, A&P Bible Church, please take it to prayer and give whatever amount you feel the Lord puts upon you. I will happily do the work for any donation amount- all glory to God! I trust in Him!

My cover sheet- I use the A5/Mini Binder- just set your printer preference depending on your size:


This is the printable I use to track my daily Bible reading too - click HERE!

Here are my "special" items like the WEEKLY HOME BLESSING HOUR and then our PREPARING FOR HOME CHURCH routines:

These are my ZONE sheets- breaking down the entire home into easy to tackle lists for a thorough cleaning in all the spaces each month:

And this sheet I have in behind my before bed routine- I check my kiddos folders and put a check by their name if they got everything done. At the end of the week- if they have all their days checked- they get a special family treat! It's been a great way to encourage them- my kids will rock it if there's a milkshake to be had! (And yes- I include myself in this accountability... I love me a good shake! 😂 #sorrynotsorry)

These are my kiddos control journal contents- I have these in use with their homeschool checklist and work. It's been great to keep it all together! Their cover sheets- they all use the full size binder:

Their MORNING routines:


If you're not including school work but want a way to keep track & motivate your kiddos Bible reading time, we used this before we started back in for school:

And their EVENING routines:

Praying these can be a blessing to you all! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how our homeschool days are going!


Feel free to share our site & videos with others that may be blessed by the ministry too! Sharing is caring after all. 😄😘

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