• Heidi

Excited to Announce....

You are ALL invited to join the HMH Collective! 🥳🎉

I'm sharing all about it on YouTube- but wanted to be sure to share it here too! 🥰 I've been praying for quite some time now, that the Lord would guide and use us to serve Him in the ways He desires of us. Trying to find the right fit between easily accessible and yet deeply connected. I *think* we may have found our solution!

We're utilizing the memberships program on YouTube (like Patreon really) to create the HMH Collective! We'll still have some videos on our regular channel- but the most of what we'll be doing will be exclusive to our members!

You can join the collective with a monthly donation of just $5, to $10 or $20- that will give you access to the exclusive videos, printables, booklets, + more!

Our first series, New Year Refresh & Refocus, begins on January 11. But don't wait to sign up! Everyone who joins the collective within the first week will receive FREE custom phone wallpapers! 😎🎉 And we'll also have some fun videos (with SPECIAL guest appearances!) and a big giveaway before the series officially kicks off! WOOT WOOT!!!!

So- come and join us today! We're praying this can be a wonderful way to serve you all, grow this beautiful community, and help give us all a little accountability as we refresh & refocus our habits this year! 😊

JOIN NOW --> Click HERE!



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